Happy Holidays!! by Maro-King
December 23rd, 2017, 11:43 am
I wanted to make a nice holiday post for my comics bUT;;; not getting to draw today since I'm working on writing!! (thank god)
So I'm saying it like this!
I wish you all happy holidays and everything!! I hope you have a great start into the new year! (and yes I'm not dead yet I may start posting on SC again sometime soon!!)

I have one nice thing I want to show you since it got finished around christmas and I'm a proud dad of this and I'M SO PROUD YA'LL SO HAPPY I have to show it ; w ;

They're 15 book and all in GERMAN! Sorry with that but that was just the way it went.... since my friend made them for me (hers is on two photos as well!!) again so happy about BOTH of these books ; w ; aaaaahhhh