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Himeka is the daughter of a famous war hero.
Though she's happy with what he has done, she hates his life choices.
The only good thing it has done for her, is the sweet dragon that is now accompanying her all around the school.

"At least one thing that makes this hell hole if a school more interesting"
- Himeka Monasaka

It's trying to be a shonen but it fails. Here is a bit more to see


January 28th, 2017, 4:56 am

Where to find

Maro-king here!

I'm just here to tell you all who found my comics on here, first of all thank you very much for the support!

and also a small where to find me, or rather where to find news and updates for magistra!
best place would be http://twitter.com/_maroking
but I'll also post updates on http://maro-k-tovara.tumblr.com !
(The rest you will find here http://maro--king.weebly.com )

Thanks so much for reading! I'll keep doing my best to keep both comics going >3

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